Alisadr Complex

In the village of Alisadr, Kabud Rahang town and 75 km northwest of Hamedan,One of the natural wonders of the world and a rare example of water and navigable caves in the world is located in Alisadr Cave , which has a longitude of 48 degrees and 18 minutes and a latitude of 18 degrees and a height of 1900 meters above sea level.

Alisadr Cave has been created at Sari Qayeh Heights (Yellow Rock). There are two other caves named Sobashi and Sarab, which are 11 and 7 km, respectively, due to the large extent of crystalline limestone layers in the region it is possible that the caves are connected with Alisadr Cave.

Abbas Abad Complex

Abbas Abad Tourist Complex (Bam Hamedan) is another subsidiary of Ali Sadr Tourism Company on a hill overlooking the city of Hamedan on the one hand and Alvand mountain and its green gardens on the other. In the past, when the ruler of the city changed, they used to play drums on it.

Also, this complex is one of the best and most visited tourist areas of Hamedan, taking advantage of its special location and facilities such as modern villas, island restaurant, coffee shop, amusement park and etc.


A large pool has been built on the top of Abbas Abad hill, and there is a restaurant in the middle of it, and if you are looking for the most different, this will be the right choice.

Baam Hamadan

Enjoy seeing the surrounding scenery, Hamedan city on one side and Abbas Abad Gardens on the other side are under your feet. The nature of Bam Hamadan is full of beauty and peace and has turned it into a unique place to relax.

Stone villas

In this complex, several beautiful stone villas have been built, which have the latest facilities , which can make a pure stay in Baam Hamedan for all visitors and dear travelers.