Tourism Company

This company was established in 1370 with the cooperation of Iran Tourism Organization, Hamedan Provincial Municipalities and Hamadan Municipality as a private joint stock company, and its purpose is to develop and create suitable platforms to provide better and more services to attract domestic and foreign tourists in Ali Sadr region have been.

Ali Sadr Tourism Company has taken many steps in line with the above goals. In 2001, the annexation of Abbas Abad Recreation Complex to Ali Sadr Tourism Company became a factor that accelerated the development of this company and the management of two large tourism complexes in the province, namely Ali Sadr Complex and Abbas Abad Complex, was entrusted to Ali Sadr Company.

The deep attitude towards the field of tourism in the province and in this company has caused this company to take constructive actions every year in line with the development and productivity of its spaces, and the result of these actions will be providing better services to travelers and tourists.

Also, by investing in the Ganjnameh cable car company, this company accelerated the tourism development process of the province and now welcomes many tourists from inside and outside the country in the above complexes.

With the efforts of managers and hardworking personnel, this company has succeeded in becoming one of the largest tourism holdings in the country and has taken many steps in the development of tourism in the province and even the country.