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5 May 2018
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Managing Director of Samen Parvaz travel agency said:
With the assistance and support of the Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Hamedan as well as the Railway Organization of the country, this train arrives in Hamedan on May 5.

Managing director of Samen Parzaz said: The first tourism train of west of Iran will arrive in Hamedan on Saturday, May 5, with a total of 320 passengers and artists participating in the National Animation Festival.

Hamid Rezazadeh continued: “Of course, Hamedan people can take Hamadan-Tehran tickets after its arrival to Hamadan at 2:45 pm on Saturday, May 5.”

He said the guests of the National TV Animation Festival will arrive in Hamadan by the domestic train.

Hamid Rezazadeh said that the transportation section of the festival was handed over to Samen Parvaz travel company, said: At the beginning of the meetings, several different plans were submitted, which was eventually agreed upon with the proposal of the agency.

He stated that it was planned to take the guests of the festival on the basis of the measures taken by the internal tourism train, adding that the train has a capacity of 320 people.

The director of the Samen Parvaz travel agency of Hamedan said that the train was intended to carry passengers to the festival, which began its journey from Tehran on May 5 at 8:00 am, saying: “It is an attempt to make formal arrangements for guests on this train.”

He said that a one-year contract for a tourist train was closed for the first time the tourist train arrived in the province, and according to the events scheduled for 2018 in Hamadan; the work of moving foreign and domestic tourists to Hamedan will be done.

Reza Zadeh said that with the coordination and cooperation that was made with the provincial governor’s officials, it was intended to take advantage of this train, he said: “It is hoped that the high cost of doing this work is supported, One of the destinations of this train is Hamedan in the coming months and years.

He pointed out that the train is domestic and it is supposed to have domestic trips for guests, he noted: the pre-contracted tourism trains with the Samen Parvaz is on the way to Savadkuh and in the form of one-or two-day trips by travelers To travel destinations.

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