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The closing ceremony of the first national television animation festival in Iran, began three days ago, with the participation of the country’s animation actors in the Hamadan Governor Hall.

In this festival, 1011 works of animation were judged in 16 sections and 9 groups, and the best works included 342 works, of which 76 received awards. about 48 works  received honor diplomas and  honorary awards.

At the ceremony, the top selctions of each section of the festival will be introduced and receive their awards.

Celebration of children by celebrity performers in the country has made Hamedan more refreshed with its spring weather.

Head of Iran Broadcasting

You will see that the wave of travel to Hamadan will increase in the future

Before tourism and animation, Hamedan has had other outstanding features
Hamedan is a beautiful city with good weather and good people and clean city, and now new equipment that has been added to this city in decades has in fact improved Hamedan’s advantage.

Until now, Alisadr Cave and pottery were characteristic of this province, but now due to equipment such as Ganjmaneh, its advantages have increased and, of course, a multitude of historical monuments and cultural heritage; now, under the influence of the same (animation festival), you will see in the future, the wave of travel to Hamedan will grow

I was in charge of tourism in Iran in 1991. At that time, I was Deputy Undersecretary of State for Guidance and a travel agency, and I thought that I would travel as a tourist in charge. Naturally, I would have to go to Isfahan or Shiraz, but I chose the first trip to Hamadan because of all the features and, of course, it has a history of 6,000 years and of course I have a special dedication to Hamedan.

In this conversation, the head of the State Broadcasting Company promised that due to the friendship and interest of the holding of the animation festival between Hamedan and the national broadcasting Organization, the province’s share of the country’s hundreds of antennas reflected the capabilities and capacities of Hamedan in hosting the event global tourism will increase in 2018.

Darabi, deputy director of the Organization of Radio and Television, at the National Governors Meeting of the Provincial Centers:

Radio and television networks will begin their plans for Hamadan # 2018 and their network will launch their studio in Hamadan.

These international summits are honors of Iran and we will help them better

I appreciate the indiscriminate holding of the animation festival in Hamadan.

I invite Hamadan Governor to attend the Radio and Television Broadcasting Festival

Center managers will get acquainted with the opportunity of the festival with Hamedan’s capabilities and capacities.

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