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25 April 2018
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A delegation from the World Tourism Organization’s inspectors (UNWTO) will travel to Hamedan on 1st of May to confirm the hosting of the Hamedan , referring to the 40th plenary session of UNWTO affiliate members.



According to IRNA, Masoud Maleki said at a joint meeting with Hamedan media on Sunday: “We will be a decent host for this delegation in order to be able to prepare for the meeting to be held this November.
He reminded that Hamadan will host 500 World Tourism Organization affiliate members from more than 150 countries.

“Since Alisadr owns 40% of the shares of the Ganjnameh Tourism Complex, it is also in line with the propaganda and implementation of the programs,” he said, emphasizing that the two-way cooperation with Ganjnameh Tourism is ongoing.

lack of proper road in the area of ​​ Ganjnameh is a tourism problem.

The head of the board of directors of the Ganjnameh recreational, tourist and sports complex said: “Lack of proper access route is the main problem of this tourism area, and if there is a proper route back here, it will have a significant impact on attracting tourists.”

Saeed Torabian added: “We expect officials to take an alternative to this traffic junk in the ways of the Ganjnameh, to witness the liquefaction of traffic vehicles and create a way for tourists to this important tourist area.


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