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12 April 2018
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Nowruz in Hamedan was different this year, and Hamedan 2018, which was presented as a vague slogan in reports and news media, lead tourists to Hamadan.

The busy days of Nowruz in Hamedan and the commuters of tourists in the city and tourist centers and historical places of this province are a dream come true that the Hamedan may achieve its real status in the field of tourism.

Million of tourists visited Hamadan Places

Hamedan province’s nowruz this year has recorded a millionth mark on visiting tourists from its spectacular sites to prove that it has the capacity to turn to tourism destinations, but it is a great way to reach this goal.

Hamadan hosts two major international events in 2018, where the presence of 500 members from 150 countries affiliated to the World Tourism Organization and hosting  foreign ministers of 34 Asian countries can lead to the prosperity of foreign tourism and a turning point in the introduction of tourism capacities of Hamedan province in the global arena and promoting the province’s tourism industry.

Examining the evidence of this incident indicate that the propaganda of Hamedan’s hosting of international events in 2018 has not been affected in this regard, and attempting to identify the province of Hamedan globally may not have achieved the desired results, but in identifying Hamedan to its compatriots in every corner of the country has been somewhat fruitful.

In this regard, one of the guides and tourism activists in Hamedan province, in a conversation with the correspondent of Mehr, said that when the “Hamadan 2018” global event kicked off to the provincial planners’ meetings, every part tried to rely on this event to color its daily activities and said that the private sector in the field of tourism acted as a a different kettle of fish has played an influential role.

Maryam Moghaddam, speaking about how many years ago, tourism activists announced that In order to persuade Tehranians to travel to Hamadan, a billboard on the highways should be installed, or the capacity of the Tehran subway to promote the tourism of Hamedan is taken seriously., said all of these proposals were heard and was not taken seriously It was not until the Hamedan hosting the World Tourism Summit in 2018, and selecion as the capital of tourism in the Asian tourist area entered the executive phase.

The output of the advertising was significant

She stated that simultaneously with these two big events, the private sector defeated the taboo of advertising and went out of stock, programming and paper reports and turned to billboards in the capital, adding that the output of the advertisements was significant and sent many people to Hamedan.

Ms. Moghaddam, who has a responsibility in the Hamadan 2018 Event Information Committee, emphasizing that now every tourist is traveling to Hamedan can advertise Hamedan in the national arena, she said: “It is not unreasonable to assume that we should expect more tourists to enter Hamadan during the holidays.

She emphasized: advertising without infrastructure completion would have negative consequences for the province and we should provide the infrastructure.

“This means that in Nowruz 97, we could familiarize so many tourists with the event, and at least we couid make the Hall of the Holy Quran in Hamedan crowded, which is the secretariat’s location,but it did not work in this direction, travel facility committee of Hamedan province went its own way, and the 2018 Secretariat remained in its silence.” Ms. Moghadam said, noting that the Hamadan 2018 event was not taken seriously in the secretariat and the executive committee.

She said that the tourist population who entered Hamedan by the Nowruz 97 could get acquainted with the Hamadan 2018 event, but the province did not have any plans for it, nor did it work coherently: “It’s simply impossible to install a banner and a billboard in the memorial of Ain Al-Qozat and think that we made a different movement at our committees.

“The province of Hamedan has not been aware of this capacity, said Ms. Moghaddam, emphasizing that” Hamadan 2018 “wants the program, and Nowruz 97 could have made Iranians  known with a serious focus in the tourism field of the global event Hamedan 2018.

The attention of the center has been drawn to Hamadan

In this regard, the Director General of the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization of Hamedan Province said that this year, which is the 2018 tourism event in the country, the voice of the province has been heard more than before at the national and international level, said: the attention of the center has attracted Hamedan.

Ali Malmir, emphasizing that the conditions that Hamedan started in the new year in the field of tourism, continued: “Hamedan towns were a good place to welcome Norouz guests, and this year we were faced with the magnificent tourism growth in Hamadan.

Register one million and 298 hits of Hamedan attractions

He said that the statistics of Norouz passengers in Hamedan Province indicate that the 2018 tourism event of Hamedan could be a turning point for the province, adding that from March 28 last year to April 13 this year, one million and 298 visited the tourist and historical attractions of Hamedan province. Which is up 65% from the same period last year.

He pointed out that 359 thousand people stayed at night, an increase of 136 percent, adding that Hamedan hotels were occupying between 90 and 100 percent.

Director General of the Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Hamedan Province said that this year, travelers’ houses had a booming business, and the Hamedan education had predicted one thousand classes for settlement, which had been completed and the overflow was referred to Bahar and Laljin cities, said: all residental capacities Hamedan was completed during Nowruz.

He noted the situation of visits from historical monuments and tourist centers, saying that during the days of the Nauru of the Bu’ali-Sinai tomb, there were 7,000 visitors, saying that the most visited was the al-Asadr and Ganjmanat caves.

He added: “In order to achieve the objectives of the Hamedan Tourism Event 2018, the necessary division has taken place,” he said.

The most important achievements of the 2018 tourism event are Hamedan’s propaganda

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Hamedan Province pointed out that one of the most important achievements of tourism event in 2018 is Hamedan’s propaganda, said in the field of advertising inside the province to try to sensitize people and nationally, Hamedan has been engaged in negotiations.

Malmir said that the Cultural Heritage Organization has focused its attention on Hamedan province in the field of tourism, said: “We have to deal with different layers of people because if we are to be a tourist city, all the sectors of the community should be active and contribute to a favorable hosting for tourists.” They do.

Referring to infrastructure management, he said: Hamedan has good sayings in health tourism, and there are plenty of capacities in the field of nursing.

A Test To Manage Hamedan

The representative of the Hamedan people in the Islamic Consultative Assembly also said that Hamedan must be a city of 3,000 years old and the capital of history and civilization in a speech with the reporter of Mehr, saying that 2018 is a great test for the province’s administration and a golden opportunity for the province that can not be compensated for. The world is introduced and recognized in the most beautiful way possible.

Hamidreza Hajibabaei, in answer to this question, what is the level of Hamedan’s readiness for the Hamadan event in 2018? Said: During surveys and visits to the Nowruz holidays, the headquarters of the Nowruz travel agencies and the scheduled programs for the aforementioned events, the efforts of officials were evident in different parts of the country, but these seem to be a very good opportunity for the pathology of travel to Hamedan.

He said that officials are advised to carefully and scientifically examine the opportunities, challenges, threats and problems of the various agencies in the course of the aforementioned days, and said that the executives should submit their plans to the relevant organizations with a critical and constructive perspective.

10 billion tomans to host the Hamadan event in 2018, has been approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly. The speaker of the Hamedan people in the Islamic Consultative Assembly emphasized that the issue should be seriously addressed in the agenda of managers and planners who, in the same vein, pursued in the ranks of 64-550000 credits The equivalent of 10 billion USD for hosting the Hamadan event in 2018 has been approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

Hajji Babaei said that with the use of this opportunity, Hamedan should be the 3,000-year-old city and the capital of history, saying that hosting two international events in Hamedan with proper power and planning, studying existing capacities and creating new capacities and opportunities, And civilization is introduced to the world in the most beautiful way possible.

He called for the establishment of various working groups to introduce indigenous peoples in the province of Hamedan, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in the world, and said: Comparative studies emphasizing sociology and social psychology and audiences’ approaches and presenting diverse programs using indigenous capacities can be found in Attracting domestic and foreign tourists, and promoting the level of events in Hamadan 2018.

The correct management of these two events could continue to pave the way for Hamedan’s cultural, economic, and social development to attract domestic and foreign investors to the people of Hamedan. The correct management of these two events can help Hamedan’s cultural, economic and social development to attract investors. Domestic and foreign.

Haji Babaei said: “We should not neglect the capacity of popular organizations, young people, women’s empowerment, arts and crafts, local folklore and folklore, and religious programs in these areas.

Hajji Babaei said: “Coherence and unity in the province and creating trust and psychological security for attracting domestic and foreign investors is very important, and if successful in this area, it can be hoped that employment creation and production increase and unemployment will be reduced.”

He added: “All executive departments of Hamedan province should use this opportunity to present their operational plans, and the various working groups will examine the issues carefully and carefully and accurately, and analyze the costs and benefits, and the level of efficiency and effectiveness of the programs, and with the management, control and close monitoring. To approve the credit and to develop programs with maximum efficiency and productivity in line with the objectives of the two 2018 program schedules.

It is necessary to use this opportunity of unity, empathy and coherence between the authorities and the people, and we should not recommend the neglected people’s capacities of the people of Hamedan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly: it is necessary to use this opportunity of unity, empathy and coherence between the authorities and the people and should not use capacities The people neglected.

He said timely information to the people of Hamedan and awareness raising about the necessity of these two events could attract the most people’s contributions and, consequently, make better use of opportunities.

Hajji Babaei emphasized: “Managers of different organizations should make their plans to approve credits from their headquarters.

Efforts in the field of tourism are ending

Another representative of the Hamedan people in the Islamic Consultative Assembly also said that the campaign “Hamadan 2018” had begun in the field of good tourism but had to be accelerated, said the 2018 tourism event for Hamadan was a dignity and a golden situation that would not be obtained if lost.

Amir Khojasteh, stating that efforts are being made in the field of tourism, added: “The tourism industry in the province is not well-developed, as Hamedan has been in the oppressed and deprived areas of tourism for the past 40 years.”

“Tourism is an industry where Hamedan can be introduced internationally,” he said, emphasizing that tourism is the province’s top priority and provides sustainable employment.

He said that the Hamadan tourism event in 2018 is prestigious and a golden opportunity for the province, which if lost, is no longer available, said provincial executives and all those who are sweating should work on the 2018 tourism event.

Blessed with the very clear horizon and vision of Hamadan in the context of the events of 2018, I see very well, “Advertising has started well in the field of good tourism, but it has to be accelerated.

This year, one million and 200 thousand hits from Hamedan sightseeing centers were registered by tourists and travelers of Nowruz and a significant increase in statistics from previous years, while in Hamedan this figure was unprecedented.

Over the past few months, various governmental and private organizations utilized their full potential for introducing Hamedan tourist attractions and introduced various forms of Hamedan to contribute to the increase in the arrival of travelers to Hamedan province, which was partially achieved by this goal. And with the wider campaign of hosting Hamadan from international events in 2018, it is hoped that the flood of tourists and passengers will reach the capital of Iranian history and civilization.

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