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19 April 2018
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Swatoplac Chumba, Czech Ambassador to Iran, attended a meeting with Hamedan Governor in Hamadan province today to discuss ways to increase interaction with Hamadan.

Hamedan Governor meets with the Czech ambassador to Iran: The high-profile areas of the province need joint investment that we can start with Czech Republic.

Hamedan Governor meets with the Czech ambassador to Iran:
The Hamadan Chamber of Commerce is perhaps one of the most active rooms in the country
Given that the Iranian ambassador to the Czech Republic is also a descendant of the province of Hamedan, I hope that the mutual relations will increase
Hamedan is a prestigious destination for tourism in Iran, and it is 500 years since the capital of the Iranian Empire and there are many works and monuments from historical periods in Hamadan.
Hamedan has many infrastructure and tourist access and has the best weather and natural tourism conditions in Hamadan.
Alisadr Cave is the longest water cave in the world
Every four seasons of Hamadan is spectacular
In the field of tourism, we are ready to cooperate with the Czech Republic
The region’s most pristine and spectacular areas require joint ventures that we can start with the Czech Republic
You have a great history and you have a civilization five hundred years BC, and this can be one of our most important comonality between us.
I invite a team of economic and advisors in various fields to Hamedan province so that we can reach agreement on cooperation.
Hamedan, except for the sea, has all the investment opportunities. In terms of tourism, good agriculture, good weather conditions, maternal industries such as glass, steel, cement and textile, create the right conditions for the construction of solar power plants with a capacity of 1,000 megawatts, which Germany , UK and Ireland have invested in this field in Hamadan, we welcome you in these areas.
Agricultural products from Hamedan are exported to the world, such as raisins, walnuts and Hamedan products are in the country’s sixth rank

Conversion industries are important for the province and you can participate
In all areas, we are ready for export, partnership and cooperation
Our interest in cooperation is such that Hamadan can carry out economic exchanges with the whole country
Hamedan hosts major international events in 2018
Hamedan will be the capital of Asian tourism in the next two months and will host the World Tourism Summit in the next seven months and I hope that the Czech Republic will also be present at this summit.
Thanks to you and the European Union for the proper support of Iran’s legitimacy
I declare the province ready for all types of cooperation, especially joint investment with the Czech Republic.

The mayor of Hamedan met with Czech Ambassador in Iran in Ein al-Qodat Hamadani cultural complex. Tourism development was the main focus of this meeting.

Chumba, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, visited Ali Alisadr cave.
After the visit, he said, “Hamedan is a city with very high tourist attractions, which needs to be introduced  to foreign tourists”

Ambassador of the Czech Republic said at the meeting on the opportunity of the trade between Hamedan and the Czech Republic:

We are ready to trade in automobile, glass and related industries in Hamedan.
“We will introduce the province of Hamedan to the people of the country, considering the tourist attractions and natural attractions in the list of tourism destinations,” Chumba said.
He called for currency and banking problems as a major barrier to trade. We are looking for a solution to these barriers.

Swatoplac Chumba, the Czech ambassador to Iran,  in a meeting with Hamedani economy activists on Tuesday night said  that the Volkswagen is an example of these vehicles that are advised to enter the country, saying we are producing one million and 300 thousand vehicles annually in our country.

The visit of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic and Mayor of Hamedan, Mr. Soufi, in the mountain villas of Ganjnameh Village

Czech Ambassador to Iran in a meeting with Hamedan Governor: We will support the end, and most EU countries are seeking to support Iran’s interests.

I introduce Hamadan to Czech Republic

Chomba, Czech Ambassador to Iran:
Hamedan is introduced to the citizens of the Czech Republic in the list of tourist destinations.
I am glad to have a good opportunity to establish a relationship between the tourism industry and the republic of Hamedan and the Czech Republic.
The big problem is the lack of support for the international banking system, which has created a problem for us.

Czech Ambassador to Iran Hamedan Governor:
At a meeting with Hamedan entrepreneurs I was impressed with their capabilities
We are able to satisfy many of those who share our interests
Dealers and traders have promised to come back home here and have agreed with the mayor for some cultural events
I promise to return to Hamedan with the Czech ministers in the next six months

Major approaches and changes are being made, and responses are given at the end of the 3-day period
Our greatest responsibility is economic development, and we have to visit different provinces and this is fruitful
The annual economic exchanges between the two countries will grow by 40%, but this is not enough and we must work
We will support the progress and most EU countries are seeking to support the cause in the interests of Iran
Our efforts are to develop direct communication, and our visit to Hamadan is a step in this direction
This visit was awesome and part of the potential is the emphasis on mutual cooperation
I’ve found a welcome and interest in the area and I’m still coming
I invite you to visit the check and see the beauty of our country
This will make friendship, stability and peace between us

We are trying to support this development of relationships

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