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3 May 2018
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The 40th World Tourism Organization affiliate members’ plenary session to be held on November 12-14 is scheduled to be hosted by Hamadan, the managing director of the Alisred Tourism Company said in a statement to the IRNA correspondent. However, the list of the program’s plans to be set by UNWTO.

Hamid Reza Yari continued: The World Tourism Organization’s inspectors at Hamadan’s 2-day visit will evaluate the facilities available, including conference halls and conference venues for the summit, and the necessary scrutiny to set up a office and the equipment they need.
He stated that the inspectors on the visit will consider the conditions for holding the pre-tour and post-tour of the 40th World Tourism Organization summit, adding that the summit will be held in Hamedan, hosted by Alisadr Tourism Company, and the inspectors will be planning on this visit to identify and resolve potential problems before the meeting.
Managing director of the Alisadr Travel Company in Hamadan said that the holding of this summit is very difficult, said that we are now entering the implementation phase of this program and we have sent invitations to the guests and from now on we are seeking visas, hotel reservations and transferring from Tehran to Hamadan, and the development of a pre-tour and post-tour for the guests of the summit.
Yari said: Visiting Hamedan’s spectacular sites is one of the plans of the World Tourism Organization, and this program is helping to introduce Hamadan tourism attractions in international dimensions.

It is worth mentioning that Hamadan hosts 500 affiliate members of the World Tourism Organization from more than 150 countries  at the 40th plenary session of UNWTO affiliate members.

According to IRNA, the World Tourism Organization based in Madrid, Spain, is a United Nations Tourism Department with policy in tourism affairs and is today the world’s leading and most recognized international travel and tourism organization.
The board of directors of the organization consists of 12 members, in which Alisdar Tourism Company was elected as a member of the board of directorsfor the first time in August last year.

Alisadr Travel Company has been established in 1992 with the assistance of the Organization of Tourism, the Association of Municipalities of the Provinces and the Municipality of Amman, with the aim of creating suitable platforms for providing better services for attracting domestic and foreign tourists in the area of ​​Alisadr, and now has one seat of 12 seats Directorate of International Tourism Organization.

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